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Welcome to Farset Hotel

Farset Hotel is part of the Farset group of charities which includes Farset Youth and Community Development (FYCD) and FYCD Respect Programme.

Farset Hotel opened it doors in 2003 and was always intended to support the community, responding to the ever changing needs.

Over the years Farset Hotel has seen many changes and is now delivering a range of programmes, Courses, Outreach services and accommodation which is Homeless and Poverty centric.

The Hotel has been instrumental in delivering controversial community programmes which deliver a theme of peace and reconciliation and it’s promotion within the community.

Opened to the public in 2003 as an international hostel aimed at providing accommodation for international student it has traversed the years to now being focussed on Homeless and Poverty.

The Hotel attracts many international organisations that view the facilities as being state of the art and providing a real lived in experience when wishing to be immersed within the local community.

Farset Hotel